Thursday 13 March 2008

Some People Hate Cats

Why do some people hate cats? There can only be two issues. One: they have been taught things about cats either deliberately or through actions that later in life translates to a dislike and distrust of cats. This is normally a dislike born out of a lack of proper education about cats. This sort of person can be retrained to like cats.

The other must be a dislike of animals generally. This sort of person has no problem killing animals either through hunting or out of malice. This sort of person must hate himself too as he is also an animal (as are we all).

The two reasons for disliking cats are therefore not based on sound grounds. One is ignorance, the other anger and malice directed indiscriminately.

There is no logical reason to dislike cats. They are fine companions and their presence enhances ones life. I would not trust a person who dislikes cats. I would also dislike a person who dislikes cats.

You can't hate a cat for acting naturally even if that means killing wildlife. We kill animals anyway and each other. You can't hate a cat because you think she thinks she is superior to you. This are your thoughts not the cats. Cats don't think like that anyway. Life is much simpler for a cat.

The basic argument is that if you dislike animals you are liable to create problems all your life because we are animals too, so you must dislike humans and yourself. If you dislike cats, you should accept that you are mistaken and learn why.

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  1. FYI, that's a foam dart crossbow and the reason the cat is so focused on it is because he likes to chase the darts down when I fire them.

    I don't want to get deluged with emails berating me for hating cats.

  2. Some people can love animals, but dislike cats. Cats are not the ost endearing, especially as they are aloof. Others running around hissing at you. I find cats to be inconsistent as all get out.

    I love dogs.

    Cats are best stir fried.

  3. Lacie, I do not think it is possible to love one animal and think it best to eat another. You either like animals or not. If you believe that cats are aloof it is because you have probably met cats that are afraid or suspicious of humans. Bearing in mind what you have said I am not surprised that they are aloof. They would be wise to run.

  4. I must say that the author's comment about humans being animals is enough for me to disregard her/his opinion about anything she/he has to say. However cats are animals that are very sweet and beautiful but they are predators. Even the sweetest of the cats are in general very selfish, self loving and cunning. But again it is an animal so it must be forgiven. The humans of that kind are more difficult to tolerate.

  5. To Anon - humans are animals, why would you disregard what was said in the article due to a factual comment?

    Regarding the point of the "article", I dislike and sometimes hate cats due to an allergy I have to them or their fur. You can add that to your list.


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