Friday 14 March 2008

Choose a cat breeder online

maine coon cattery

It is not wise to choose a cat breeder online. Always visit the cattery and see for yourself or have someone else you trust do it for you if traveling is a problem.

However, I think that you can tell quite a lot from a cat breeder's website. You can, to a certain extent, choose a cat breeder online or a least whittle down the selection.

What to look for online? The first thing to ask is what is the Google Page Rank. Google page rank is a measure of how many other sites (good quality sites ideally) point to the site in question. If a site is very good a lot of sites will connect to it as it will benefit the other sites to make this connection. This means the cat breeder's site has good information in it beyond simply promoting the cattery. This in turn tells us the cattery owner is knowledgeable and probably thoughtful. Obviously these are not certain black and white tests, but they are good guidelines. You can find out page rank from the Google tool bar, which can be installed for free. It is in the middle of the lower line of the tool bar normally.

A site that comes to mind is the Bengal cat breeder Foothill Felines . I know it as HDW - Inc. It is a big site that is a lot more than about cat breeding. Not many could or want to build a site like this one. But this kind of site gives us a clear message that these people are knowledgeable and concerned and ambitious. A good combination and worth checking out.

Another indicator linked to Page rank is whether the cat breeder's site is listed in the first 1-3 pages of a Google search. The higher the better. A high listing means a well established site of reasonable size plus page rank. It will normally have a reasonable number visitors too. If the site is competing with many others, such as in the Bengal cat breeding market and is still ranked highly that is very commendable as it is difficult to achieve that.

I also like it when the site is well written and set out. If it is highly functional and well written that must be a good sign.

Some catteries are small, hobby catteries. In fact most are like this it seems. You can't expect some to have a good website or a website at all and this does not mean that they are no good, obviously. They may use one of the many cat breeders directories instead. There is no shortcut here - a visit is the only way.

Bottom line - a website is a good indicator to shortlist the catteries; then visit them.

Photo - Maine Coon Cattery - copyright felidaetina - this is the catteries first litter - gorgeous.

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