Monday 24 March 2008

Sosgatinhos (S.O.S kittens)

Sosgatinhos (S.O.S kittens) is a rescue center in Sao Paulo, Brazil run by Leila Galv√£o. It is very brave of her to do this and wonderful. I admire you Leila. I also admire the photography of fofurasfelinas (and I can spell her flickr name without copying and pasting :). Her real name is Giane Portal. She lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil, about 400 miles south of San Paulo. She is a designer by profession

Fofurasfelinas is certainly one of the top 5 (at least) cat photographers on Flickr and there are lots of cat photographers. It also means that she is one of the best amateur cat photographers in the world. There is no doubt about that. She is also probably one of the best cat photographers, amateur or professional in the world. And I know cat photography.

Anyway she is supporting the work of Sosgatinhos and so I am as I use fofurasfelinas's photographs on my website under creative commons.

My site is for cat charities and I have some charities marked out. When the money comes through (I've made about $400 so far) I will send some to Sosgatinhos to try and help Leila keep her charity afloat. Good Luck Leila. Love to the cats and thanks.

Read more about Sosgatinhos (as written by forfurasfelinas) on this page (takes you to the Flickr site)

Sosgatinhos (S.O.S kittens) to pictures of stray cats

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