Monday 24 March 2008

Pictures of Different Cat Breeds

abyssinian cat

Pictures of Different Cat Breeds are available in alphabetical order, listed over three pages, with links to more details and more great pictures on the main website on these pages:-

Cat Breeds A-H
Cat Breeds J-P
Cat Breeds R-T

Enjoy these pages. They are designed to provide easy access to a list of breeds so you can make comparisons quickly. The photographs on these three pages are not thumbnails so you don't have to click through on the links if you don't want to.

Sure there are a lot of pictures of different cat breeds on the Internet. But I hope that you will agree that the ease of reference in combination with the best cat photography by Helmi makes the pages listed above some the best on the 'net as a starting reference point to the cat breeds.

The list is comprehensive but there are still one or two breeds to go before the list is complete. That said some cat breeds are so marginal or simply variants on existing breeds to make it doubtful if it is worth dealing with them as different breeds. There are also complications on breed classification and naming across the registries and between the UK and USA for instance. It is probably better therefore to stick more or less to the mainstream breeds.

Photograph heading this post - the top breed probably at the moment - the Abyssinian cat - photograph copyright isbye

Pictures of Different Cat Breeds to one of the top breeds - the Abyssinian

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