Monday 24 March 2008

Alexa Toolbar

The Alexa Toolbar is a free download from the Alexa website. Alexa is part of Amazon the mega sized online shopping business. The figure that you see and which is used by Alexa to rank the site is the site's position in relation in the world. It is based on the number of visitors to the site plus how many pages that they visit. This site is ranked about 300,000 at March 2008 (at Oct 1st 2008 it is ranked 120,000 - going up). This means it is the 300,000th site in the world in respect of the above criteria. Yahoo is no.1. Google is about 3 or 4. Wikipedia is about 8 or 9 and so on. The big social networking sites are ranked high as expected.

This site's ranking is quite good, at March 2008, considering it is built by a single person with no outside help except SBI, who host the site. This site is a sub-domain.

The Alexa method of measuring ranking is not that accurate for sites outside the top 100k. It is very hard to get inside 100k. There are about 100m+ sites in the world, could be near 200m if you include the blogs which are growing fast (200,000 daily).

The highest ranked cat sites are around 150K (Messybeast being one). The biggest market is the USA. If you all have the Alexa toolbar and visit this site or the main site, the ranking will improve and I can sell more advertising and give away the revenue to cats.

The toolbar is useful and simple. It is benign and won't hurt your computer. It gives you an idea how popular a site is (i.e. visited) which can help in making decisions on buying from the site as an example.

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