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Cat Meat

I won't put another photo up of a cat being killed for human food.

Joke recipe....?

1 cat cut into roast
1 can of f**k*g Cream of Mushroom soup
1 cube of beef bouillon
1 clove of garlic
1 Fine Irish Stout, like Guinness

Is Cat Meat is on sale in the USA? This has got to be a spoof, a sick joke. But it is right on the edge if it is. The business is called KittyBeef. The website is . Am I out of step with the world? Am I the only one who thinks it absolutely appalling that the cat fancy (the huge body of cat lovers and breeders) can go about their business, arguing about whether spots are better than rosettes on a Bengal cat when cat flesh is being shipped around the US for consumption; and I can only presume that it is for human consumption. Or is it a joke. It must be illegal in the US. Could someone please tell me something about this site.

The company is Puppy Beef and Kitty Beef International Meats. The President Yuen Xi. He declares proudly that they have three main locations in the USA. Each "helps to deliver our products to a select area". He then says "below you will find information about each of our 3 main divisions". Nothing is below.... This doesn't seem to be a spoof, however. Is this a joke? Someone tell me please.

I was shocked by this website on cat meat and then went to the Messybeast website. That great bastion of knowledge and integrity. On it Sarah Hartwell had written her usual massively detailed piece this time on cruelty to cats and when they are killed for the pot.

She almost, it seems, accepts the practice explaining that we are little better in the West. I disagree profoundly with her. It is not justification to not heap scorn on the Chinese for their cruelty to animals just because we can be cruel ourselves. At least we have laws to prevent it. If it happens here it is illegal. The Chinese government endorse cruelty to fellow humans never mind animals and never mind cats.

In any event it is patently wrong to prepare cat meat. You don't have to write a 3000 word academic discourse on the subject rationalising it as just another example of human behavior and tough on the cat. You just have to look into your heart. We agreed to live with the cat, not eat our companion.

This cruel killing of cats and eating them should be banned and the laws enforced. Until then we cannot call ourselves civilised.


Anonymous said…
Protein is protein whats the big deal?
Anonymous said…
Who are you to judge what is right to eat or not, why can't people eat cats, they have been doing it for thousands of year. I guess you are from America which has a history of only a few hundred years if that. Do tell me, is it humane to put down hundred thousands of unwanted cats in America or would it be better to processed them into food to feed millions of staving people? I bet you never staved before have you otherwise you wouldn't have made such a ignorant comment. Just because a cat is cute and fluffy doesn't mean you can't eat it!
Michael Broad said…
Thanks for the comment. I am not "judging". I am simply putting across my point of view. A lot of things have been done for thousands of years and they are wrong. Doing things for a long time does not make them right does it?

I am from the UK. And yes it is wrong to kill feral cats by the millions. I have commented on that too (see feral cats). And finally, euthanized cats are I believe processed into cat food. The reason why it is wrong to eat the domestic cat is because it is killed inhumanely in Asia before being consumed and secondly this is a domestic companion animal not farm livestock. I am afraid, like others, you have missed the point.
Anonymous said…

This is not meant to be patronising but, if a website looks ridiculous, it is best to do some research on its validity first. Admittedly I've fallen for a few of these kinds of websites in my time :P

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