Tuesday 25 March 2008

Cat Breed Quiz

bengal cats

Looking for a cat breed quiz? There are two on this page.

Visitors' answers can be seen by clicking on this link. My answers are at the base of this form. Prefer wildcats? See:

First Cat Breed Quiz

Here are my answers:

1. No. All cat breeds are one species of cat, the domestic cat, scientific name: Felis silvestrus catus or sometimes referred to as Felis catus.

2. Over 100 but many are rare and very much on the fringes. The CFA recognise about 40.

3. The Abyssinian cat. See Agouti Ticked Coat and Abyssinian Cat.

4. Maine Coon  Cat

5. F1 Savannah Cat "Magic" and she is a Savannah cat recognized by TICA.

6. Toyger

7.  More breeds because it is more adventurous. The CFA is quite part of the establishment.

8. Egyptian Mau. Amongst the first cats to be domesticated from the African wildcat.

9. Yes, the CFA calls them (at 2011) "Household Pets". I don't like the description. Some of these cats are stunning.

10. Persian. The "Ultra Persian" or contemporary Persian cat with the obligatory flat face. See traditionals and the arguments.

11.  Bengal cat.

12.  Chartreux.

13.  Four. See Grey Cat Breeds.

14. Yes, both are oriental in body shape. See Modern Siamese cat and Oriental Shorthair cat.

15.  F1 Savannah cat, top quality - A1 Extremes.

Second Cat Breed Quiz

Here are 20 cat breed questions and the answers for anyone who'd like to use them for whatever purpose:

1. What is the difference between a mixed breed cat and purebred cat?

2. When is a cat a pedigree cat?

3. Name three hairless or near hairless cat breeds.

4. Name two cat breeds that originate in Russia.

5. Name two cat breeds that originate from Japan or near Japan.

6. Name three natural cat breeds ("natural" means that the cat has evolved naturally).

7. Which three cat breeds are amongst the most popular?

8. Name two cat breeds that like or have an affinity to water

9. Name one cat breed with a very wedged shaped head and one with a very rounded shaped head.

10. Which cat breed is arguably the best indoor cat?

11. Name two cat breeds that could be said to be the rarest, one of which claims to be rarest.

12. Name the cat breed, native to America, that is one the biggest cat breeds.

13. Name two tamed wild cats that can be domestic cats.

14. Name two wildcat/domestic cat hybrid cat breeds.

15. Is it true that the CFA (the Cat Fanciers Association - the biggest) prefer "pretty" or more groomed Maine Coon cats to more natural Maine Coon cats?

16. Name the cat breed famous for a ticked coat.

17. Name three cat breeds with short or no tail.

18. Name two dwarf cat breeds.

19. Which is the founding dwarf cat breed?

20. Which gene causes the tabby coat?

Bengal cats

Cat Breed Quiz Answers:

1. Mixed breed cats do not have a controlled parentage as set by the cat associations. The parentage makes for the cat type (appearance). Mixed breed cats are what the name states, a mixture of various cat breeds. Mixed breed cats can be shown at cat shows and can have a recorded history (a pedigree) however. The breeding of purebred cats is controlled by the cat associations to ensure good type and health but the gene pool will necessarily be smaller in order to ensure that the cat looks like the cat breed she is meant to be.

2. A cat with a recorded parentage going back several generations as stipulated by the association concerned.

3. Sphynx, Don Sphynx, Peterbald.

4. Peterbald, Don Sphynx or Russian Blue.

5. Japanese Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail.

6. Chartreux, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon, Abyssinian (some doubt this).

7. Persian, Abyssinian and Bengal (also Maine Coon and Siamese).

8. Bengal and Chausie.

9. Sphynx or Modern Siamese
(wedge), Persian (rounded).

10. Persian (the modern or ultra Persian has to stay indoors)

11. Sokoke claims to be one of the rarest. The California Spangled, and the dwarf cats (other than the Munchkin) are rare.

12. Maine Coon.

13. Serval and Safari.

14. Bengal and Chausie (another is the Savannah).

15. Yes.

16. Abyssinian.

17. Japanese Bobtail, American Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail, Pixie-bob.

18. Napoleon, Kinkalow, Munchkin, Skookum, Bambino are just 4, there are more.

19. Munchkin.

20. Agouti.

Photographs of Bengal cats:
  • Top: copyright tunick
  • bottom: copyright _imax (both reproduced under creative commons)

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