Sunday 9 March 2008

Chinese killing and eating Cats

Some Chinese are killing and eating cats in the many thousands, perhaps killing in the tens of thousands. The killing of cats has escalated pre-Olympics as a "clean up". There are an estimated 500,000 cats in and around Beijing. When I went to Beijing in the late 1970s it was highly polluted, with a high rate of throat cancer. There has not been much change over the years it seems, but now the government is forcing factories that pollute to shut down or relocate.

The worst measures are the trapping and slaughtering of domestic cats. The government has promoted the idea that cats spread disease. Some Chinese believe this and abandon their pet cats. They then get picked up, crammed into crates and sent for slaughter. Either that or sent to the infamous district of Guangzhou in southern China, where they market cats as fresh food, boil them, skin them alive and do any manner of brutally cruel things as they believe that animals are no more sentient than vegetables. Wrong and ignorant behavior.

Apparently, the Chinese people involved in this culling, killing call it what you like, don't even have the morality and decency to apply a lethal injection. The cats just starve or die of disease in cramped cages.

I hate this type of behavior. It makes me feel sick. I have to forget about it as it hurts too much.

Total shame on the Chinese involved. I would love to see some athletes boycott these games, tough though that decision would be. I can't see a country boycotting the games - just too political.

One last point many millions of cats are deliberately killed each year in north America as there is an over population of feral cats and abandoned cats. Not much different just less visible but at least killing is under controlled conditions and painless. I am sure many thousands suffer the same fate in the UK too. The Chinese killing and eating cats is not the only cruelty perpetrated on cats but it is probably the worst and certainly the most infamous.

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  1. Another reason to boycott the Olympics!

  2. First off- the cats are considered food in china. I lived there and I actually ate cat and dog. Second- The PRC is a communist country so the people can't keep their cats even if they wanted too. I consider cat to be tasty and I am trying to get to eat some cat in America. I hate PETA and they can go fuck themselves for all i care because they spread lies. I worked in a Chinese Marketplace when i lived there and they don't gas or club the cats to death. They simply pin them down and cut off their heads. Same with dogs. The clubbing's were the work of some Chinese cop but i don't care. Its not like were all savages. Boycott the Olympics my ass.

  3. The person who made the second comment supporting cat meat totally missed the point of the post to which the comment refers. I said that it is unforgivable to kill cats to clean up the streets for the Olympics. For a start some Chinese people put the cats there in the first place through irresponsible behavior. Then they compound it with animal cruelty. Animal cruelty accompanies human cruelty. In a civilized country both are illegal. I conclude that China cannot yet be truly civilized. Their behavior is totally unenlightened and underdeveloped despite being a so called ancient civilization.

  4. Cats are useless bloody creatures anyway.
    So killing them for food is one way to get rid of them.
    I know of no other living creature, apart from Humans, that enjoys torturing its prey as much as cats do.
    Its estimated that there are 2 million cats in the UK, if each one killed one bird a day for a whole year, then something like 700 million birds, mostly songbirds, would be dead in a year.

  5. Thanks for the comment but I hate to say it but it lacks wisdom and sense. It is wrong to say that cats are useless when for nearly 100 million Americans they provide companionship and a lot of enjoyment and entertainment. There are almost 8 million domestic cats in the UK providing the same enjoyment. This means cats are useful. But when was it a criteria for not killing an animal that it should be useful? A lot of humans are not useful. We don't kill them. A lot of dogs are not useful we don't kill them. I could go on. Wild animals are not useful. It is not their role to be useful. We don't kill them for that. We just shoot them for our pleasure.

    Are you useful and to whom? Secondly cats don't torture prey. They look as though they are playing with prey but there is good sense behind what they do. See

    There are actually nearly 8 million cats in the UK. The vast majority don't kill prey and if they do it is at a much lower level than you state. Humans kill wildlife at a far higher rate through habitat loss, environmental damage, farming practices and traffic. Are you saying we should kill humans because we kill wildlife?

    Sorry but your arguments fail miserably. They are full of holes and indicate to me what a mountain we have to climb to educate people.

  6. Not ALL the mens have the pleasure to kill, but ALL THE CATS have this pleasure. Look at Australia, these impossible creatures, destroy the wildlife, and no one cares. WHY ONLY CATS ARE UP THE LAW???
    There is an interests of cat food producers of course. But there is also the madness of some "people".
    A Retard post a picture with a little duck killed by his cat. "So what? A cat is a cat". Really?
    What about opinions: "Death penalty for the cat killer"?
    End a human life for a cat?
    These idiots doesn't care if 10.000 people are killed instantly. But if one of these bastard creatures die...
    All the cat lovers are sick.
    We don't kill all the animals who are not useful. But we don't see dogs, pigs, wolfs, on each corner street, and most important, we don't see dogs or pigss hunting&killing squirels just for fun.
    At this point, who love a cat, but hate a human being deserve one single place - TO HELL.
    With his "kitten" of course. In the same way as his "kitten" like's "to play" with innocent animals.

  7. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the comment. But you are talking nonsense I am afraid. Feral cats exist because of the irresponsible behavior of people.

    You are getting mixed up between killing for pleasure or as a crime and killing to eat and survive.

    Humans kill millions of animals a year to survive (farm animals). Feral cats hunt and kill prey to survive.

    I find it difficult to understand what you are saying as it is badly thought out and utterly illogical.

    You clearly have a huge amount of prejudice against cats.

    We all have rights including animals. Cats are essentially companion animals. We have a responsibility towards them.

    Finally, there is no evidence that the feral cats in Australia are killing lots of native wildlife.

    Please educate yourself.

  8. Thank you Freddie for your insight to cats. I think that if we kill cats as a way of fun or by using the excuse for food in the US it is a poor excuse on our part. I can understand that China tried to fix a problem along time ago because the cat population was too large and was a quick fix. But as we grew in years and our education grew then so did our ways in medicine. I would find it very hard to believe that China does not have the means to neuter and spay the cat population which would help reduce and make cats easier to control. But then again it really comes down to money and if they are willing to motivate themselves. Right now China could really bring themselves into the future if they would get rid of some of there old ways of thinking. I don’t believe they need to loose themselves or there culture, but there are so many things that still go on in there country that a lot of people find unacceptable. I know we in the US still have a long fight ourselves in controlling the cat population, but as more people help we hope to make our cats happy, healthy, loved, and above all find good homes so they can have a life that we all should give them. I have read the other messages that people put up and it all comes down to hate. Hate of people, animals, society. To those people who do not like cats or believe that human life should be put above animals. Then I feel sorry for you. We were given the Earth and everything on it to care for. To those people who cannot understand why we care so much for cats then I ask you to look into yourself and find something that you love and care for, and would give so much of yourself that it would hurt. Now have that taken away and destroyed. It is gone and can never be replaced. We need to coexist with each other and until it happens then others (animals and humans) will suffer.

  9. Response to the last comment. Thank you for the comment. I agree with you and you are very sensible and sensitive. The world needs more people like you. You are what I call enlightened. Few are.

  10. To the one person who is Korean or Chinese who likes to eat cats.
    When the SARS incident happened the first thing that came to my mind was virus emerged from eating cats. I actually know someone at CDC.
    Eeating cats, dogs and vermin, can easily create new virus in your body, the EBOLA emerged in the same way from eating human brains.

    One month later the Chinese ask their people to stop eating Civet cats, guess what it's not just the Civet cats, it's the regular cats they've been eating, they deserve all the SARS in the world and with the emerging SWINE flu virus the inevitable will happen when viruses begin to merge with lightning speed. The person who is pro cat meat is obviously from Korea or China, because of lack of empathy for all animals, no normal person raised in United States would advocate eating cats, unless they are in a mental facility.

    All I can say to you is eat more cats, one in the morning, one in the evening and little cat snacks in between. You must eat as many cats as you can before you get the Swine/Sars strain that is untreatable. Then you will truly understand the purpose of God and Nature to get rid of vermin like you by natural selection.

  11. My response to the last comment. Well done. A great answer. The best answer.

  12. Cats are despicable creatures who will given the chance kill far more birds and other animals than they need to, to survive.

    They are a scourge in many places, including rural areas in my state, Australia, and many other places.

    Cats are efficient, ruthless hunters, and many animals in Australia have not evolved defensive tactics against them. Therefore, these disgusting animals are an invasive species on that continent.

    Frankly, I have to hand it to the Chinese, they came up with a good solution. Not only does it get rid of a massive pest problem, it provides a source of food for a large population.

    Horrible, sadistic creatures.


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