Sunday 9 March 2008

Caging Males in Cat Breeding

caged cat

Caging males in cat breeding is one aspect of the breeding process that I have difficulty with. I am not a cat breeder, but I realize that male cats that are not neutered and breeding cats need to be in a cage to make life manageable for the neighbors, the cat breeder and more importantly to protect the female cats and manage the breeding process. Males that are not neutered can be terrible sprayers and they need a decent supply of females to satisfy their natural urge to mate. It is unfair to expect one female to service him as she will become frazzled. Three females will suffice.

Sometimes he is kept in a cage alone. This seems cruel to me or am I being a bit silly? He is bound to get lonely and in any case how big are these cages? It seems as if it is zoo-like conditions but the cages are probably smaller than in a zoo.

Caged male cats can howl and become difficult and depressed. It is apparently better for him if he has a spayed female for company. He may still mate with a spayed female, however. Put a big old girl in with him to boss him a bit.

The reality of cat breeding is not as sometimes perceived as is the case for many things in life. Caging males in cat breeding is one reality that I could do without.

Photo: Caged cat - not a breeding male cat though - photo copyright AmUnivers

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