Sunday 9 March 2008

Hervey Foundation for Cats

Marjorie Hervey is founder of the Hervey Foundation for Cats, a charitable foundation set up in 1998 to rehome cats and care for them.

I admire tremendously anyone who can devote so much time and energy to such a fine cause. Our domestic cats need this sort of help as the world can be quite hostile for some cats.

Unfortunately some people are less altruistic and just plain bad and one such person is Marjorie's former partner, Stewart Bright who tried to destroy the foundation out of spite and malice after they split up.

He hacked into her computer systems and sent false and defamatory emails with the intention of maligning Marjorie and thereby destroy her charity. He was also found guilty of possession of child pornography (an indication of the kind of person he truly is). Not only did he hurt Marjorie he hurt many vulnerable cats. We don't like people who hurt cats do we?

I hope Marjorie's cat foundation recovers quickly and I wish her continued success. She has a fine website. Click here to go to it.

Hervey Foundation for Cats to Home page

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