Friday 7 March 2008

Cat Fur - Switzerland

Cat Fur is processed in Switzerland I am staggered to discover. The country could become the hub of the cat fur trade in Europe unless they ban it. Firstly, I am shocked that the Swiss deal in domestic cat skins. Come on Switzerland! It's worse. 

Apparently some believe that cat fur eases rheumatism. Another example of a demonstration of the greed and ignorance of mankind manifest in cruelty to domestic cats. I had thought better of the Swiss. India farmers and gypsies in Tamil Nadu think cats blood is good for the health. It is reported that some Swiss were traveling over the border into France to steal domestic cats from the streets, import them into Switzerland, kill them (how was that done - unregulated I'll bet), skin them and make fur products (or export the fur). 

If people buy fur products (especially from China) I'd ask some serious questions. Actually I'd make an assumption that the fur is cat's fur or perhaps a dog and don't buy it. It will shortly be illegal to produce cat fur (I presume this means deal in cat fur as cats produce the fur) in Europe under new legislation. Bardot and Shumacher were involved in a petition to the Swiss government who are responding positively it seems (wait and see). 

Although the Swiss government called the petition sentimental in part. This is not sentimentalism. It is about the law and doing what people desire should be done in the interests of decency and morality. This is no better than some other countries such as India, China and Vietnam, where cat meat is eaten. I've added Switzerland to the list of named and shamed countries. Cat Fur - Switzerland to Home Page


  1. How awful
    I am shocked Switzerland is supposed to be a civilized country
    How to stop this?

  2. Hi Marta,

    I wouldn't have imaged that it could happen in Switzerland but it does. It is very hard to stop anything commercial that is successful. All those little furry toys, key rings etc are probably made of cat fur (someone's pet cat) that came from Switzerland and originally from China perhaps.

  3. I can't believe anyone would do such a thing to cats! :(

  4. Killing cats was done in the middle ages, then the Bubonic Plague came in and wiped all the people out, because all the cats were killed and the rats started coming in. This will cause disease and plague to Switzerland and neighboring countries, if the cat killing continues. And no amount of medicine is going to stop it, when it happens.


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