Sunday 2 March 2008

Difference between Bambino and Minskin

The difference between the dwarf cats, Bambino and Minskin can be confusing. The Bambino dwarf cat is a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin (the founding dwarf cat breed). The Minskin is a cross between several cats, the Sphynx, Munckin, Burmese and Devon Rex.

There is then on the face of it a fine difference between the Bambino and Minskin in their heritage. The Minskin is accepted by TICA as a preliminary new breed. The breed can be shown from the beginning of May 2008. The difference is in the coat. The Bambino is a short legged Sphynx (hairless cat).

The Minskin can also be hairless. This cat can also have similar hair to the Munchkin. However, these variants cannot be shown in competition.

The classic Minskin coat appearance is "furpointed". This coat is thin and sparse and has fur pointed extremities (see a fuller description here). The furpointed Minskins can be shown at TICA events.

Photographs: top - copyright Helmi Flick, bottom, copyright Jim Child.

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  1. Such dainty little darlings. I saw a russian blue with little short legs for adoption once. I did not adopt her because I already had a cat (which I still have). I didn't think it would be a good idea to get another cat considering that the cat I have does not like competition. Still to this day though, I have to admit I regret not adopting her. I found out that the cat I have can actually warm up to another cat. I picked up a male cat off the side of the highway to save him. She got use to him. Yet, he ran away, or something happened to him. I miss that cat. He was always so loving. It was like he knew I saved him. His name was Valentine. I still wonder what had happen to him. I think a wild animal got him cause he always came home for the day to get food and loving. I looked for him out on the roads and in the woods, but I never found him :(

  2. The only difference between a Minskin and a Bambino is the spelling!!! A well established International Award Winning breeder named Paul McSorley of TRT Cattery originally developed the Minskin as a fur-pointed breed, a new coat description unique to the Minskin and new to all feline registries until the 1990's when the Minskin came to be. All so-called Bambinos come from the Minskin gene pool and they are nothing more than a bald Minskin! Give the man credit, you stole his idea and made it your own, hardly original!

  3. The picture of the "copy cat" with a different name and less fur, it came out ofa TRT Cattery Minskin female.


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