Tuesday 15 November 2011

Leopard Kills Warthog Photo

This leopard was injured killing a warthog. You can see the wound on his shoulder. This is a fine photograph of a leopard resting during feeding on a warthog. The photographer is Stephen Mawby and you can see his photographs on Flickr by clicking on the following link: Photostream.

Injured leopard with part devoured warthog. Photo copyright Stephen Mawby

The photo was taken at the Sabie Sands Game Reserve. The map marks the spot. You'll have to zoom back, though, to put it in context! This link takes you to a Flickr map that is better as it shows more of Stephen's photographs and locations.

View Sabie Sand Game Reserve in a larger map

The leopard's prey is what is available in the area. What I mean is the leopard is an opportunist hunter. In the Kruger National Park, a study indicated that leopards killed one large prey per week. They stayed with the prey for average of 2.4 days. The typical prey in the Kruger NP was an impala.

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