Saturday 5 November 2011

Can cats predict earthquakes?

Cat predicts earthquake and takes cover. Photo: Usonian
Yes, cats can predict earthquakes. We don't know how! It may be due to the cat's acute sensitivity to vibrations of the earth during the build up to the earthquake. Or the cat is picking up the increase in static electricity that is present before an earthquake.

Apparently some people get headaches before and during an earthquake due to the higher levels of static electricity. Another possible reason is the cat's ability to pick up a shift in the earth's magnetic field.

Apparently a cat's behavior can change dramatically just before an earthquake. Cats might:
  • run around trying to get out of the house
  • carry kittens to safety
  • get out of the house if there is access
In the film "Phenomenon" (1996), John Travolta suddenly achieves supernatural levels of intelligence. He can sense the impending arrival of an earthquake, mimicking what a cat can already do. During the middle ages cats were thought to have supernatural powers and were killed as a consequence. Mad world.

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