Sunday 6 November 2011

Cats That Love Water

This is a list of cats that love water:
  1. Tigers
  2. Fishing cat
  3. Flat-headed cat
  4. Jaguar
  5. Leopard cat
  6. Bengal cat
  7. Savannah cat
  8. Turkish Van
  9. In general: wildcat hybrids
  10. Some individual random bred cats

In the water where it is happiest. The flat-headed cat.

Numbers 1-5 are wild cats. 6 and 7 are well known wildcat hybrids.  There are other lesser known wild cat hybrids that will tend to like water as well. It is in their blood because their wild cat ancestors liked it.

The Turkish Van originally comes from the area that surrounds lake Van in eastern Turkey. It is said (perhaps with a little bit of exaggeration) that the Turkish Van in Turkey learned to swim in the lake! I am yet to be completely convinced that this cat breed really does like water. There is a tendency on the Internet to repeat what someone else has said.

Although probably 99.9% of random bred cats don't particularly like water, a few will like water to the extent that you could say that they love it.

"Love" is a strong word. I would suggest that those cats that are in the list on this page do not necessarily love water. It is just that the food (prey) is in the water or it is cooler in the water. The fishing cat and flat-headed cat prey on fish.  They have webbed paws. The tiger lives in a hot environment and likes to keep cool in water - sensible. It is more a case of practicalities than loving water.

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