Friday 4 November 2011

Beautiful Abyssinian Cats

Here are three beautiful Abyssinian cats. The first one is by an amateur photographer on Flickr and the second by Helmi Flick, one of the world's best cat photographers.

Blue Abyssinian Cat - Photo polandeze

This above cat lives in Sheffield, England. This cat (I don't know her/his name) has gold/hazel colored eyes as far as I can tell. This is one of the eye colors of the Abyssinian cat under the breed standard. This is a tabby cat but the only markings you see are the faint, disguised "M" mark on the forehead and muted markings on the tail.

Abyssinian cats "Prowler" & "Viper" ©Helmi Flick

I find the difference between ruddy coated Abyssinian cats and sorrel coated cats difficult to separate. I think Viper is a ruddy Abyssinian and Prowler is a sorrel coated Abyssinian. If I am wrong, please tell me in a comment. See some Abyssinian cat facts.

If you are looking for breeders in the USA try the Breedlist.com website. In the UK try the Abyssinian Cat Club.

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