Sunday 13 November 2011

Meat By-products in Cat Food

In the USA the buyer should be aware of "meat by-products in cat food". What does this euphemistic phrase mean?  Meat by-products are actually obtained from 4-D animals. These are animals, mainly horses and cattle that are either: dead, dying, diseased or disabled at slaughter. They may have drugs in them that were used to keep them alive. These drugs and the pathogens that killed the animal remain in the carcasses after slaughter. This means that meat by-products include, diseased tissue, pus, carcasses in varying stages of decomposition that have been sterilized using heat, pressure and chemicals.

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  1. Don't be fooled by marketing words on cat foods that may sound good, but have no actual value such as "premium" or "natural." Instead, research the company to see whether or not its products were created by a team of veterinary dietitians with the use of feeding trials to make sure the foods are nutritionally sound and properly digestible.


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