Picture of Cat Scratch Fever

Here are two pictures of cat scratch fever showing inflammation of the arm. Cat scratch fever is caused by an organism called Bartonella henselae. A point of note: cat scratch fever affects both the cat and the person, who has been scratched or bitten. A picture of cat scratch fever should, really, show a picture of a cat with the condition. However, I believe that people want to see pictures of people.

Picture of cat scratch fever. Author unknown, please advise.

Important note: It is rare, and this condition should not be used against cats by people who advocate declawing and the killing of cats etc.

Picture of cat scratch fever on a person's arm.
photo ©Daniel-Gasienica

If the person is to develop the disease the following happens: three to ten days after the scratch a sore area develops at the site. This is shown in the top picture. There may be a "red streak up the arm or leg".  This would appear to be the case in the second picture. In a small percentage of cases the person develops other symptoms such as fever, headache and fatigue. Rarely symptoms are more serious.

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