Tuesday 8 November 2011

Natural Cat Laxative Options

Natural cat laxative options might appeal to many people who don't want to go down the vet + chemical drug route to cure cat constipation. I don't intend to usurp the roll of veterinarians but there is a place for natural cures as long as people know when to go the vet - use common sense.

Sometimes cat constipation can be caused by:
  1. stress;
  2. inadequate litter facilities;
  3. a diet that includes insufficient bulk fiber, and
  4. inadequate exercise.
These causes are similar to those that affect people. Natural laxatives might be something to try first.

A half teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil can be added to cat food twice per day. It may lubricate the impacted fecal mass and stimulate muscle contractions. Please monitor the effect to check if normal movements restart. You will need to be involved with litter tray duty to monitor whether improvements have been made. Cats that go to the toilet outside are almost impossible to monitor.

An additional supplement is to add one teaspoon of powdered psyllium seed to your cat's food twice daily. You can buy this in health food stores for people. It is safe and not addictive. You can check it out on the Internet (If you Google "psyllium seed" and you will get lots of options).

Dr. John Heinerman also recommends fresh or dried fruit such as figs, dates and prunes. I am not sure if a cat will eat these foods even when blended in to commercial food.

Another natural laxative is wheat or barley grass. It is available on the Internet (Google "wheatgrass"). Mix half a teaspoon into each feeding session.

Source: Low Cost Natural Cures for your Dog and Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know

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