Black Cat Breeds

There is only one black cat breed: the Bombay. The Bombay is a sleek miniature black panther of patent leather. This is a man made cat breed - no rare cat discovery in a far flung country. The Bombay is a hybrid cat, a cross between an American Shorthair and a sable Burmese.

It is interesting that there are four cat breeds that must be gray and no cat breeds that should be white. Please click on the link to see the gray cat breeds.  Gray is dilute black.

The photo montage above shows "VINDOURO KALIENTE OF KATSNKLAMMS" being photographed at a cat show at Waxahachie in the USA, by Helmi Flick. See a large format image.

The coat is short haired and should be sleek and "painted on". The copper eyes are set off beautifully by the jet black coat.

Associated page: Black or White Cat Breeds


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