Can cat fleas bite humans?

Yes, cat fleas can and do bite humans. My cats are indoor/outdoor cats. I flea comb them regularly. Sometimes a flea will jump off the flea comb before I can crush it. And sometimes I will lose track of where the flea is.

As a result, on rare occasions, I have discovered that I have been bitten by a flea. In fact I have felt a flea bite. It is quite noticeable. It leaves a sore spot that itches slightly. It passes in about a week or something like that.

Cat fleas are very difficult to kill by crushing. They have hard exoskeletons. They jump explosively and travel large distances relative to their size.

Incidentally, in my opinion cat fleas do not jump on us and live in our hair after we have removed them from our cat. Our hair is not the correct kind of habitat for a cat flea! The hair needs to be dense. Also we shower or bath daily (most of us!). This makes it impossible for a cat flea to survive in our hair.

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