Monday 7 November 2011

Asian Golden Cat Conservation

What is being done about Asian golden cat conservation? The first question is, "does this cat require conservation?" Yes. But do the authorities think that it does? As at 2002 it was said that it was difficult to assess the status of this cat species in the wild because not enough was known about it.

In China it is on the Protected Species List. This however will provide little actual protection. During the period 1980-81 234 skins where purchased in Jiangzi. This is one example. The skins of the Asian golden cat were commercially desirable and probably still are.

Camera trap - photo siwild (Flickr)
Another threat will be habitat loss. This cat is a forest dweller and forests are being systematically logged in Asia. Other threats are snaring, loss of prey and being killed by farmers. It is classified as "Near Threatened" by the Red List™. Numbers are declining.

The IUCN Red List™ (and organization set up to help conserve wild species) says that the Asiatic golden cat (P. temminckii) is listed under under Appendix I of CITES. CITES is a international agreement on controlling and preventing trade in animal parts - see CITES in relation to cats. It is not very effective. It is protected in most areas of its distribution under the relevant national legislation. Hunting is prohibited in most places and regulated in Laos. In Bhutan it is not protected outside protected areas. How good is the protection? How well is it enforced?

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