Monday 28 November 2011

Picture Of Cat Hanging

This is a picture of a cat hanging. It is from Croatia and I am in two minds as to whether I should show it here. People, though, search for "picture of cat hanging". I not sure if they want to see what the search indicates but this picture came to my mind. I built a page on cat welfare laws in Croatia a long time ago.

There appears to be two conflicting situations in Croatia. There is animal welfare/protection legislation while at the same time there appears to be cat cruelty. Clearly the law is window dressing.

Cat hanging in Croatia
Photographer unknown

There are a lot of questions surrounding this picture. Why hang a cat by the side of the road in full view of drivers? It must be a message. But what message? The area looks deserted.

Croatia is on track to join the European Union. And it should not be allowed to because it is not ready and there are too many Eastern European countries that have joined that should not have. The problem is that the eurocrats want to extend the union (and their power base) and they overextend the system in accepting unacceptable candidates. Greece is a classic example. They cooked their financial books to get in and look at the mess that that has caused to the eurozone.

Associated page: Cat Hanging in Rhode Island.

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