Friday 4 November 2011

Brazilian Tabby Cat

"Lion" is a unique looking Brazilian tabby cat. Tabby cats are everywhere, all over the world. The tabby coat is the most common. Yet, Lion has a coat that is unusual. I have not seen a tabby like him before. He is a Brazilian pet store kitten that was ordinary and who grew up to be extraordinary. His human caretaker, Lincoln, says his face is like that of a cougar. I agree there is a similarity.

Brazilian tabby cat - "Lion"

The paws are large. Are they polydactyl? They are a neutral gray. The gray extends up the forelimb where dense banding starts. The banding leads to a heavily "ticked" coat (salt and pepper appearance as for the Abyssinian cat).

The back of this cat is covered by what breeders might call a "grizzled' coat (see a melanistic Chausie with a grizzled coat). Ticking with black. It almost has a melanistic look about it. See the photo below.

Lion - a Brazilian tabby cat.

This is a bit technical and probably boring! Ticking is the banding of individual hair strands in yellow and black caused by the agouti gene. Tabby cats can be extremely attractive. See also the most beautiful stray cat?

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