Wednesday 16 November 2011

Abyssinian Cat Personality

The Abyssinian cat personality is said by people in the know to be loving and loyal. This cat breed is apparently talkative and lets you know when they want something; sounds a bit like the Siamese. They have gentle dispositions. The Aby is inquisitive and a skilled and agile climber  - a naturally athletic cat¹.

Dr. Bruce Fogle describes the Abyssinian as "attention-demanding" (Encyclopedia of the Cat - ISBN 978-1-4053-2149-5). Their popularity - in the top 5 of all cat breeds - indicates that they have very pleasant personalities.

Chilli - Abyssinian cat - all played out - Photo by Maggie Sharp.

Maggie in Tasmania, Australia, has an Abyssinian, Chilli, as a cat companion. He seems like an active boy cat.

Remember, though, that individual cats have their own personalities that are superimposed on cat breed characteristics.

Note: (1) Legacy of the Cat - Gloria Stephens - ISBN 0-8118-2910-3

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