Wednesday 9 November 2011

Can a tiger kill a crocodile?

Can a tiger kill a crocodile? It depends. And you are not going to find out! A living, adult sized crocodile is not a part of a tiger's diet for obvious reasons. Tigers do like and need to attack and kill large prey but the tiger's primary prey are ungulates - animals with hooves such as the Sambar deer. Tigers need large prey because they need a high food intake to survive.

A tiger might attack a baby crocodile but the best books on the wildcats don't refer to this. The so called video below is a con. It is more likely to be showing a tiger trying to eat a crocodile that was injured or already dead - carrion. I don't think it is photoshop edited.

The person who put the "video" on the internet did a good job because he or she has conned 29 million people!

The big cats attack prey with common sense. They cannot afford to be seriously injured as it would prevent hunting, which would lead to starvation. They therefore focus on prey that they can successful kill with a minimum risk of injury. Crocodiles do not fall into that bracket!

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