Leopard Cat Pictures

Eight fine leopard cat pictures. This cat is also called the Asian leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis). These are images that I have refined in Photoshop to improve the image quality. There has been no other form of image editing. The pictures are either published under a creative commons license (siwild - camera trap images, thanks) or I have assessed the picture as being in the public domain or publication is justified under fair use (1). Click on the images to see larger versions and on the link to go to the Picasaweb library. This cat is called the money cat by the Chinese because the spots look like coins.

Camera trap image. Very interesting image of fine quality. The habitat is clearly shown. The eyes reflect in the usual way the flash light from the camera. From Leopard Cat

Camera trap image. This leopard cat picture shows a skinny cat. This is a leopard cat in Thailand. From Leopard Cat

Another really nice camera trap image. This image shows the habitat very nicely. This is a leopard cat in Thailand. From Leopard Cat

From Leopard Cat

From Leopard Cat

Shows the coat well. From Leopard Cat

From Leopard Cat

From Leopard Cat

Note: (1) Fair use claimed on the basis that the pictures of the leopard cat published here will have no detrimental financial effect on the website from which they were sourced and they are published here for educational purposes. The images have been improved also.

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