Monday 14 November 2011

Cats Afraid of Men

Are cats afraid of men? No, not because they are male homo sapiens. It is about typical behavior. It may be that cats are more often afraid of men than women because they are noisier and in general tend to be less delicate in handling cats. They are also bigger. Their voices tend to be louder and are deeper. Arguably, men prefer dogs to cats. All these factors might tend to intimidate a cat. Cats are very small compared to a person. We should not forget that cats live in a land of giants. Note: some women are bigger, noisy and less delicate than men.

Dogs can be fearful of men too - Dreyfuss in the picture is.
He likes cats, though. Photo by Elisa Black-Taylor.

Cats can be fearful of people in general, men and women. You could argue that it is a "default position", meaning it is normal for a cat (especially a kitten) to be fearful of the human simply because we are so much larger and rather frightening to be honest. Even people are frightened of other people!

Individual cats might be afraid of women for whatever reason - a certain event might have happened with a women at some stage in the cat's development. Men should be particularly careful, quiet and gentle when in the vicinity of a domestic cat. Approaching a cat slowly and quietly while giving warning with a melodious voice can be important too. Handling cats properly is also important.

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