Thursday 3 November 2011

Biased Cruel Research Scientist

Some research scientists studying the predation of cats on birds in the USA are biased. This particular scientist, Nico Dauphine, 38, is both biased against cats and a convicted criminal. She tried to poison cats with rat poison whilst doing her research.

She worked for the respected Smithsonian's Migratory Bird Center researching the impact that cats have on birds. She appears to have made some startlingly biased claims, one of which was that the feral and domestic cat kills 1 billion birds every year in the United States. We don't know how many. We do know that cats are predators and their prey includes birds but they prefer hunting ground dwelling mammals.

Cat eating a bird - how often does this happen?
We don't know - Photo by doviende

I feel vindicated in my mission to publish articles that argue against scientists whose task it is to have feral cats slaughtered in even greater numbers than is the case at present.

There is a battle going on between so called bird conservationists and cat lovers. It is wider than that. Biased bird conservationists who hate cats are doing battle with people who like to see all animals treated properly and with respect and that includes the maligned feral cat.

Associated articles: Cats do not decimate bird populations and how feral cats affect wildlife.

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