Tuesday 15 November 2011

Hairball Remedies

List of hairball remedies:
Cat Hairball
  • Preventative action: groom your cat. The Furminator comes to mind as a great grooming tool that removes hair.
  • Dietary supplements that (1) helps the hairball slide along the digestive tract or (2) helps the digestive tract push the hairball out. The former is a lubricant and the latter is dietary fiber.
  • A commercial lubricant in the USA is "Laxatone". This contains extra vitamins to counteract the fact that petroleum based laxatives interfere with the absorption of some vitamins.
  • A commercial fiber additive product in the USA is Lax-eze. Dry cat food such as Science Diet Hairball Control Diet and Purina Pro Plan Hairball Management Formula are based on the high fiber method for dealing with hairballs.
  • A home hairball remedy is white petroleum jelly. One half teaspoon is used but I have no idea how it is administered! You probably add it to cat food - once weekly.
  • You can also add mineral oil to cat food. For the average sized cat of about 10 lbs, add 2 teaspoons to cat food once or twice weekly but if persistent I would seek veterinary advice. 
Source: Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook - ISBN 978-0-470-09530-0

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