Wednesday 30 November 2011

British Shorthair Personality

Independent, relaxed and affectionate, these are some of the personality characteristics of the British Shorthair cat. They are also curious and without wishing to be sexist in anyway, it is said that male is particularly friendly towards their human companion. Can anyone confirm that? The British Shorthair is quiet (I can confirm that!). They have silent voices. They are also "unflappable" and have no-nonsense personalities. These characteristics make this breed suitable for life in a flat (apartment)4.

Classic Blue Brit SH - beautiful cat - Photo by jans canon
This breed has wide range of colors and types

Dr. Clark says that this cat breed is like "its British heritage". He says that the British Shorthair is reserved and quiescent. They sleep a lot and don't require a lot of attention. They are probably ideal for senior people who wish to care for a cat. They are considered to have good temperaments2.

They are also considered to be independent yet affectionate1. In practice this means that they can be left alone to do their own thing but will need some attention.

Dr. Fogle implies that they are happy, nice and friendly. They have a relaxed nature3.

These are all attractive characteristics which is why the British Shorthair is very popular cat. It is as popular as the American Shorthair its counterpart.

One last point of note is that this cat breed has a plush, dense coat. It is a delight to stroke but the ambient temperature at home should take that into account. Sometimes cats look for a bit of cool air. They don't all like to lie in the sun or over a radiator.


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