Signs of Cat UTI (urinary tract infection)

The signs of urinary tract infection or disease are as follows:
  1. The normal voiding of urine is disturbed.
  2. Excessive urination. This is called "polyuria". Increased urination leads to increased drinking. You will notice both. Make sure fresh water is always available as it goes down faster. A complication is that the signs of diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism are similar.
  3. No urination. This is called "anuria". Caused by blockage or kidney failure. Toxins obviously build up in the body.
  4. Pain accompanies urination. This is called "dysuria". You will notice straining when urinating and no urine sometimes or bloody urine. Possible distended bladder results. Cats might urinate in bath, passing spot of bloody urine.
  5. Bloody urine. Called "hematuria". Bloody urine without pain indicates kidney failure.
  6. Incontinence (urinating without control). There are a number of causes for this. A vet must diagnose.


  1. Feline urinary blockage is extremely painful for a cat and can quickly become life threatening within a matter of hours if it is not treated by a veterinarian. A build up of toxins that are normally expelled in the urine can cause a complete system failure.

    1. Thanks for your contribution. Much appreciated


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