Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat

Photographed by Helmi Flick, here is a truly beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat. He has a nice name when he is not on the show stage, "G Baby" or "Guri". Of course his show cat name (I'll call it his stage name) is a lot longer: RW QGC/CH HattKatts Guri of ForestKatz. At the date of this post he is 7 years of age and he has a red classic tabby and white coat. And what a coat it is! This is a really stunning cat. So sweet, so NFC.

Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat - "Guri"
Red classic tabby and white
Photo copyright Helmi Flick

I made a picture video a long time ago using Helmi's photographs and it has Guri in it. Guri is a stand out cat. Here is the video. You can see lots more beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats but Guri is the one that sticks in my mind.

Guri is a male breeding cat at ForestKatz. He has won many prizes and it is hoped that his offspring will do the same. They probably already have.

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