Saturday 8 October 2011

Should cats be bathed?

No. Why bathe your cat when he or she is bathing themselves for hours every day? Why wash off all the natural oils etc.? That is the obvious answer. However, there might be occasions when it is necessary, for medical or health reasons, to give your cat a bath.

Smell your cat! Mine cat smell gorgeous. The average domestic cat grooms himself fastidiously. The average healthy domestic cat that is not overweight grooms for up to several hours per day! They are clean, believe me and it is a natural cleanliness.

If however, a cat is overweight or ill or very old he or she might not groom properly. Certain areas might not be reached. I would groom these areas for your cat with a nice, gentle but efficient grooming brush. But I would not put her in a bath.

Three instances comes to mind when you might consider bathing your cat. The first is the dreaded flea. If a cat is infested, a bath in an insecticide or specialist shampoo, under a veterinarian's supervision might be useful. Don't forget that flea treatments are toxic. Use with caution and care. Read those damned instructions.

The second is when your cat has obviously got something toxic on his or her coat. She may have fallen into a paint pot. Mine did. She got a bath. Her brother did not recognize her afterward and hissed at her. She washed herself all over to get back to normal.

The third is when a good and experienced veterinarian suggests it; for whatever reason. Otherwise, "should cats be bathed?"...No, don't bother. Don't put your cat through it, please.

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