Thursday 20 October 2011

The Cat Wheel

My cat has never had the privilege of using the cat wheel. These are becoming more and more popular particularly in North America. I guess they are an excellent way for an active cat that might be a permanent indoor cat to get some exercise. And the domestic cat needs exercise because Mr Domestic Cat is becoming obese. There is an increase in feline diabetes that appears to be linked to obesity and there is an increase in overweight domestic cats with all the encumbant health issues that excess weight brings with it.

We don't tend to play with our cat enough. Cats are very independent minded and we think that they are OK. They might not be. They might need some input from us as we can distort the natural life of a cat. The cat wheel is an innovative way to make life more natural for the domestic cat.

I don't have personal experience of using one (err..I mean my cat..) but I would guess that if you put a cat on it he or she will run instinctively if she is naturally active and inquisitive. Not all cats are like that so some cats will need encouragement or training. That is probably an obstacle to purchasing one.

Savannah cats are ideal candidates for the cat wheel because they are smart, athletic and active. Any wildcat hybrid cat will probably like the cat wheel (Bengal for example). Apparently the Sphynx also likes it. Sphynx cats are athletic and very smart so no surprise. Here is a video of Zuri (human companion: Paige) on a cat wheel bought from the Cat Wheel Company:

Zuri was born and raised at A1 Savannahs, the best in the business. I know as I have been there and lived there and played with the kittens - gorgeous.

Some tips on getting a cat to use the cat wheel by the Cat Wheel Company:
  • use a laser light toy for your cat to chase. Make sure the wheel is static before using the laser light.
  • put catnip on the wheel!
  • place your cat's favorite toy on the wheel and gently rotate the wheel to stimulate activity (this a modified version of the advice given by the Cat Wheel Company).
Can you buy these in the UK?  Yes, there are several businesses selling cat wheels. This is one:

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