Friday 21 October 2011

Wild Cats List

Here is a wild cats list:

Click on the links to see these cats. You will see a photo and a fact sheet. Go to page this page for the species listed below.
African golden cat Leopard cat
Andean mountain cat Lion
Asiatic golden cat Lynx - Canadian
Bay cat Lynx - Eurasian
Black-footed cat Lynx - Iberian
Bobcat Manul
Caracal Marbled cat
Cheetah Margay
Chinese desert cat Ocelot
Clouded leopard Oncilla
Fishing cat Pampas cat
Flat-headed cat Puma
Geoffroy's cat Rusty-spotted cat
Jaguar Sand cat
Jaguarundi Serval
Jungle cat Snow leopard
Kodkod Tiger
Leopard Wildcat

There are 36 wildcats in this list. There are some subspecies of these wild cats that you can read about by first going to this page.

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