Friday 28 October 2011

What is a classic tabby?

The classic tabby is a tabby cat, either, purebred or random bred, that has a blotched pattern. A blotched or classic tabby pattern is one of dark swirls and blotches as shown in the photograph.

The other two tabby patterns are the mackerel (stripes) and spotted. The Egyptian Mau, a purebred cat is the best known domestic cat that has a spotted tabby pattern. The picture on the right shows a purebred Egyptian Mau.

The tabby coat is arguably the most natural of all the cat coats because it provides the best camouflage, although the modern domestic cat is an urban cat.

See cat coats tabby for lots more on the tabby cat.


  1. My cats all have/had black fur, so the tabby pattern is very faint and can be seen only under the sun. My first cat was a blotched, or classic, my second cat is black and white, and in her black part you can see a spottend pattern. My kittens are both mackerel.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing. Nice to hear from you. Very dark background fur is unusual in my opinion. But my research indicates that a faint tabby pattern on black cats is not that unusual.


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