Sunday 30 October 2011

Beautiful Toygers

Two pictures of beautiful Toygers by the celebrated cat photographer, Helmi Flick. The Toyger is a "toy tiger". A designer cat. I don't think that it has really succeeded in that goal though. I think it was meant to be for well off people living the modern quick, expensive lifestyle. Things have changed (2011). We are in the middle of world economic problems that seem to be impossible to resolve. This must dent the market for designer cats.

Toyger - Photograph copyright Helmi Flick

This individual cat must be one of the best examples of the Toyger. The mackerel stripes are very nice and the whole appearance is golden and glowing. Is this just a nice version of a striped tabby in brown/orange colors?

Toyger cat - Photograph copyright Helmi Flick

What about Toyger breeders? You can see a full list on the founder's website.

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