Thursday 27 October 2011

Turkish Angora Pictures

Two splendid Turkish Angora pictures by the great cat photographer Helmi Flick. The Turkish Angora is a very distinguished looking purebred cat with a long natural history in Turkey. This cat really does originate in Turkey. In Turkey this cat breed is not selectively breed as much to be slender as is the case in America. It is quite normally shaped (semi-cobby) in Turkey and usually white with preferred odd-eye color. This post discusses what they look like in Turkey.

White cats with blue eyes have a high incidence of deafness caused by the same gene that makes the cat white.

Turkish Angora - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

This cat has startling eyes. They are a gorgeous pale green that is so well matched to the steely gray coat. He has a quizzical face.

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Next we have a plumed tail that is a big WOW!

Turkish Angora - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

This is a silver tabby Turkish Angora (TA for short). I think he or she is a mackerel tabby. The spots on the back merge to stripes on the flanks. The tail has one large band or blob at its end.

The eats are straight up which must be a requirement of the breed standard. They have slight lynx tipping which gives a sharpness to the shape. The eyes are also a pale green or is it hazel? The accepted eye colors for the TA are: copper, gold, yellow, hazel, green, blue and odd-eyes.

See a quick guide about this cat.

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