Wednesday 26 October 2011

Why do I hate the world?

I don't hate the world but for those that do the answer is that you have to fit in with the world to avoid hating it. You have to go with the flow. If for whatever reason you don't fit in you will learn, over time, to hate it because it will be uncomfortable. You will desire to get out of it. Suicide is too hard for most because it goes against the core of our being - survival. So you will find the next best thing and that is often some sort of mind altering chemical to kill the pain of living.

So why should you not fit in? There are a lots of reasons. The normal is because the world is run by alpha males who play by the currently acceptable measure of success: money and power. There is also the status quo (the way things are) - the accepted behavior as demanded by the establishment, which is mainstream society who protect their society and the status quo because they take advantage of it. They run it.

Money is a very shallow measure of success and the status quo sucks for most of us! Many people seek more than that. They seek something more profound and meaningful - quality of life. They cannot find it in a world that is run by big business and alpha males. Quality of life is for the rich, we think, but they miss the point too. The alpha male is misguided because quality of life is not in financial wealth. He, himself, is a lost sole. But he messes up the world for all the others.

This is the bad thing. There is no cure for this malaise. You can't fix it because you cannot change the way you think. Unless you are 4 years of age but at that age you won't know what you think.

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