Tuesday 18 October 2011

What is the average size of a Bengal cat?

Daniel an F3 Bengal cat
F3 Bengal - Daniel - Photo: Michael
The Bengal cat is a wildcat hybrid. The leopard cat, the wild cat parent is about the size of a domestic cat so the Bengal cat does not vary in size across the types of Bengal cat (i.e. F1 to F6 - first filial to 6th filial).

The Bengal cat is considered a large boned cat (Legacy of the Cat - Gloria Stephens). Gloria says that males weigh from ten to eighteen pounds while females are a bit smaller.

Dr. Fogle (Encyclopedia of the Cat) says that the Bengal cat weighs between 5.5 to 10 kg or 12-22 lbs.

On my page that compares the weights of domestic cat breeds I say that this cat weighs from about 9 to about 13.5 pounds.

Weights will vary considerably between individual cats. The average size of a Bengal cat will be very similar to the size of a slightly large domestic cat.

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