Friday 21 October 2011

Is the Russian Blue a lap cat?

Photo copyright Helmi Flick
Is the Russian blue a lap cat? It depends on the individual cat more than the cat breed in my opinion. It is a little misguided to pigeon hole all cats of one breed into a particular type of behavior. However, I will describe what an expert says about the temperament of the Russian Blue purebred cat.

Gloria Stephens of Legacy of the Cat says that this breed is gentle and a bit shy. They are it seems of quite a delicate disposition. They require delicate handling. This shyness and caution means that they are likely to be more nervous of strangers. But it also means that they are happy in familiar indoor surroundings. They will like the company of their human companion and I suspect be close to them. This may mean that individual Russian Blue cats are lap cats.

They are intelligent cats and like to exercise their intelligence in play. So there you have it. Gloria does not say that they are or are not lap cats but reading between the lines I would think that a good percentage of them are because laps are very comfortable, reassuring and safe places for a sensitive cat.

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