Tuesday 25 October 2011

Pointed Cat Definition

The definition of a pointed cat might be as follows:
A cat, purebred, stray or feral, that has a coat that is darker at the extremities due to the temperature sensitivity of a chemical process that inhibits full pigmentation of fur in the warmer areas of the cat's body while allowing the cooler extremities to display full pigmentation.

Note 1: the pointed cat is a dark cat that has pigmentation inhibited in the central parts of the cat rather than a light cat that has pigmentation produced in cooler parts of the cat - feet, face and tail.

Note 2: Older pointed cats are darker all over because of poorer blood circulation causing the central parts of the body to be cooler.

Please see cat coats pointed for some nice pictures.

Pointed British Shorthair. This shows lilac pointing. Classic pointing is seal colored (dark brown/black):

Lionel - Photo by by steviewonderous (Flickr)

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