Feline Acne Treatment

Chilli an Abyssinian cat - Photo: Maggie Sharp

Feline acne treatment consists of cleaning the skin 2x per day with an ointment that contains 2.5 to 5 per cent bezoyl peroxide. In the USA this is OxyDex. The product below may be a good choice. Alternatives are Nolvasan or Betadine. Sometimes antibiotics are required when the infection is severe.

The skin should be cleaned with medical shampoo where there is excess sebum.

Cats are predisposed to developing feline acne when skin pores are blocked by excess sebum or keratin. Feline acne develops in the sebaceous glands that are situated on the underside of the chin and edges of the lips. Cats with an oily skin are more likely to suffer from feline acne.

A condition that is similar to feline acne is an allergic reaction to a rubber or plastic food bowl. This can be treated by removing the cause of the allergic reaction and buying a stainless steel or ceramic bowl.

Feline acne tends to return. The treatments do not cure the cat of the condition. Dry food might help but full-time dry food is not recommended in my opinion. Washing your cat's chin after eating might help too.


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