Thursday 27 October 2011

Feline Anemia Food

I'll briefly discuss feline anemia food. Certain foods can enhance the production of red blood cells.

Foods that are rich in amino acids, B-complex and iron such as organic beef, sheep or chicken livers are the best. We are not talking commercially manufactured cat food here, obviously.

These foods should be given raw. Research was carried out by Dr. Fancis M. Pottenger that demonstrated that cooked meats "in spite of an otherwise properly balanced diet" damaged immune systems. I am quoting Dr. John Heinerman in his ebook: Low Cost Natural Cures for your Dog and Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know.

He says that dessicated liver tablets can be used as well. This will be a supplement that can be added to the cat food. They are available at pet stores and possibly your veterinary surgery.

Brewer's yeast has similar nutritional benefits to liver. It can be mixed into cat food. I am not sure that a cat would accept this, though. Cats are very sensitive to way food smells and brewer's yeast smells.

Vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B-12 are important nutrients for treating anemic animals. These can be bought as supplements and added to cat food. As a guide Dr. Heinerman suggests these quantities: 500 mg vitamin C, 150 micrograms of folic acid and 10 micrograms of vitamin B-12. Grass interestingly contains folic acid. Cats naturally eat grass. Whether cats would eat vegetables that contain vitamin B-12 is disputable. These vegetables are suitable: broccoli and spinach. They should be steamed.

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