Thursday 27 October 2011

Balinese Cat Pictures

Two really nice Balinese cat pictures by the celebrated Helmi Flick. The Balinese is a long haired modern Siamese cat. The CFA do not categorize this cat as a separate breed. This cat has a delightful plumed tail. It is a plumed tail cat. There are a few. The Somali comes to mind immediately. The Somali is a long haired Abyssinian. The Maine Coon has a plumed tail too as do many moggies.

Balinese Cat. This is Kareem. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

As for Siamese cats there are traditional and modern Balinese cats. The cats on this page are what I call "modern" in conformation. The CFA would not describe them as that. For them a modern or oriental conformation is the standard. Kareem looks like a lynx point to me but I will accept being corrected in a comment! You can see some banding on the forelegs.

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Balinese cat "Samson" - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

You can see the refined elegance of the Balinese cat in the photos. Breeders have selectively bred for what they consider a more elegant appearance. This means more slender (foreign or oriental in cat fancy language). Samson has very delicate pointing. The coat is sleek and lies close to the body. The tail is fine but plumed. You can see how the tail fans out it the photo of Kareem. Samson's tail has tabby in it as you can see the banding. The modern Balinese has huge ears that I personally find unnatural. Cat breeders also like to develop large ears for some reason. It can look strange. These cats have straight long noses (no nose break). In profile it looks quite distinguished. They have high cheek bones too - quite bony faces in my view.

Associated page: Cat Anatomy.

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