What is a Cymric cat?

A Cymric cat is a long haired Manx cat. It is therefore a tailless long haired cat of cobby body shape (conformation) with forelegs shorter than hind legs that can give the impression that it is leaning forwards.

Cymric cat - "Bear Butt" - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The Manx cat has a long history of supposed natural development on the Isle of Man, which is in between England and Northern Ireland in the Irish Sea.

The Cymric beginnings are unclear. It is likely that the breed started through deliberate selective breeding in Canada in the 1960s. Either that or it happened spontaneously in a litter of Manx cats and breeding carried on from that start.

It is questionable whether a long haired version of an established cat breed should be made into a new breed rather than be categorized as the same breed with long hair.

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