Wednesday 26 October 2011

Cat Sore Anus

Natural treatment for a sore anus caused by prolonged diarrhea. The tissue becomes inflammed and irritated. It can become infected with bacteria.

I'll quote Dr. John Heinerman, if I may, who wrote: Low Cost Natural Cures for Your Dog & Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know.

The doctor says that it is a good hygienic practice to sponge off your cat's anus with a clean cotton cloth slightly moistened with distilled water. This gets ride of material stuck around the anus. The area should then be gently dried. You then apply extra-virgin olive oil to the area using three cotton swabs. A small amount of oil is placed on the swabs. The procedure should be repeated three times daily.

If the area is infected slightly he suggests dabbing the area with cotton swabs soaked in "alcohol free liquid goldenseal-root extract". This is done several times daily.

In addition herbal creams can be applied. He suggests arnica cream or calendula cream.

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Kindle version of Low Cost Natural Cures for Your Dog & Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know by Dr. John Heinerman

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