How many cats are abused each year?

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We will never know how many cats are abused because most of it is unreported and is not investigated by the police. How are people going to know about it when it happens in the home? If you have a single person in a home with a cat, the person can do what he or she likes with the cat and nothing will come of it. Sometimes though you might see some signs if you are lucky.

You can ignore any official statistics if they exist because they are inaccurate. We occasionally read about horrible cat abuse that is a mainstream media story but this is about a careless and nasty person who got caught.

How many cats are shot in the USA each year? We don't know but there will be tens of thousands. Shooting a cat is a form of abuse.

I say that euthanizing unwanted cats at shelters is arguably cat abuse. They call it euthanasia. It is actually plain and ordinary killing because the cats are healthy.

Killing a cat is an abuse of that cat. It is compounded by the fact that the method of killing at cat shelters is often cruel and highly distressing for the cat. Take gassing a feral cat as an example. I know a lot of people will rejoice at the thought of gassing a feral cat. That does not make it less cruel.

How many cats are abused each year? Hundreds of thousands in the USA alone and a similar percentage of the total cat population in the UK.

Did you know that a cat abuse video is liked by 83% of the people who saw it? No chance for the cat. No chance to know how many cats are abused each year.


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