Saturday 29 October 2011

Camomile Tea For Cats

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Dr. John Heinerman recommends camomile tea for cats. It is also spelled "chamomile". The doctor recommends its use to reduce anxiety. It is drunk as a tea by your cat or dog. He does not specify dosages etc. but common sense will dictate that. The question is whether your cat will drink it! It has to be cooled and cats are sensitive to smell so that may put her off. Liquid medicine can be syringed into the of the mouth. Care is required.

Ordinary tea is said by non-qualified but experienced people to provide relief to gummed up eyes in kittens. Some people simply use a tea bag. Or a clean non-abrasive cotton cloth is dipped into the lukewarm tea and used to wipe the eyes. This is pure tea - no milk or sugar! Tea does seem to have some healing properties. Note: gummed up eyes in kittens can be due to infected eyes that need veterinary care (possibly antibiotics). The infection can be caused by the feline herpes virus - neonatal infectious conjunctivitis.

Dr. John Heinerman also recommends peppermint tea for sick cats that are suffering from dehydration (see book below). Peppermint tea will help to rehydrate your cat and help with digestive tract problems as well. He recommends that the tea be inserted into the cat's rectum using a small rubber syringe or enema bag! I have never heard of this nor would I expect many people to take up his advice. I would certainly see professional advice first.

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